Welcome to the most self-indulgent bullshit

Please read this first!

This site is a work-in-progress made to house my personal creative pursuits in a way that is satisfying to me! I am not much of a visual artist, but I like to use colors to add to my poetry.

I'm a huge fan of old internet stuff, despite not really being around for it. I like a hyper-customizable internet. Someone on Tumblr posted about Neocities and gave me the idea to make a website months ago, but I super didn't have the time or energy. Now I have both! For now, at least.

I only have some experience coding before this, from Khan Academy and other programs I did in middleschool, but that background is making easier to pick it up, I think.

Does something appear to not be working? One of the navbar links going nowhere? It's probably not done yet! Don't worry about it! It's a work in progress! I'll get there, eventually!

Apologies to anyone on mobile-making everything look good on mobile just isn't a priority for me, and probably won't be for a while. I know the template makes it kind of work on mobile by default, which is killer for real, but if anything looks jank on mobile... sorry! Maybe at some point I'll get good enough to work on that, but I just super cannot now, I just really want this to look good on desktop.

Nothing here is concrete, everything you're looking at is subject to change. I might find a better color pallette, I might restructure, I might totally re-do this if I feel like I'm good enough at coding-but honestly probably not, because this is kind of the ideal setup for me, lolz.