Welcome to my liveshow log!

A lot of things fit under the umbrella of liveshow here! This is concerts, community theatre shows, broadway musicals, etc-- Just live stuff that I see. I won't be including shows I was in-I was in a few, and unless I start doing theatre again (unlikely) I'll be keeping memories from those in the archive.

If, on the insanely off chance, you happen to have been at the same show as me, let me know in the chatbox ^.^ I think that's fun!

This is in approximate order--I don't remember the order for some of the earlier stuff, but stuff from 2023 and onwards should be dead accurate.

Hamilton (The first and second time...)

The Lion King


Dear Evan Hansen

Newsies (high school)

RENT (college)

Little Shop of Horrors (high school)

Clue (high school)

Fitz and the Tantrums

The Narcissist Cookbook/Bug Hunter

Mal Blum/John-Allison Weiss/VIAL

Eurydice (community)


Rocky Horror(college)

John-Allison Weiss/Just Nick/Skidily Cat

Legally Blonde (high school)

Jagged Little Pill

Sad Snack/Half Caff/Bedbug

Falsettos (community)

Autoheart/Pigeon Pit/REAGAN

Sir Chloe

Upcoming shows:

Cabaret (college)


VIAL/Rain on fridays

The Narcissist Cookbook/Bug Hunter (again!)

Cavetown/Mother Mother/Destroy Boys

AJJ/Say Anything

AJ Croce

Electric Light Orchestra


Matt Maeson