Can you believe there's not blinkies for Bojack fucking Horseman? That's sarcastic. Totally not the right audience. I don't feel like making my own, so I'm not gonna.

I don't actually remember why I first watched Bojack Horseman. I think it was when the pandemic started. One of my friends was realy into it, and there were memes going around, so I binger-watched that shit. I did go into it knowing some spoilers-like Sarahlynn, namely-but I've never cared about spoilers and the shit I didn't expect was that much more... disarming.

You can't watch Bojack Horseman and be, like... okay. I have Bipolar and PTSD. Apparently, no one can fucking agree on what Bojack's got-I think the show only really calls him narcissistic and depressed with an obvious substance abuse disorder. A lot of people think there's BPD there, some people think it's Bipolar Depression. Doesn't matter, I relate to Bojack Horseman and that's hell. I think it's mostly the signs of PTSD he's got anyway. Well, and the substance abuse, but I haven't even gotten the chance to be an alchoholic yet.

Okay, I admit it-I haven't watched Bojack in a few months, I don't actually have a lot to say. I might do a rewatch and update this as I go, maybe. Later, though, I'm like, Busy or whatever now.