Surprise bitch it's the mediazone

welcome to the mediazone

I may or may not be autistic. And I'm FOR SURE ADHD. So this is where I'm keeping track of shit I find and get hyperfixated on, just for the sake of my own archive.

As a rule, if you see something here, you're free to contact me to talk about it. I'm hoping to have links and stuff here too for lore, interviews, shit like that. Just to hsve it all together. So other folks are free to go through em.

If somehow you ended up here first, you can find my homebase here. I'm a bipolar, tranmasc, 18 year old he/they psychology major. I just like, really needed a hobby, and I kept seeing people on Tumblr talk about Neocities. The home base site has most of my poetry and some dumb selfie edits I've done.

This is going to start incredibly small and slow, I have a list of stuff I need to add already, but I wanna go in-depth to all of em, so it'll be gradual. Then I'll just update stuff as I discover it.

Oh and uh, if you see my horrible taste and you have a reccommendation for a show/game/music for me, feel free to throw it at me in my chatbox here. I have a short attention span and I'm bad at watching things, but who knows.