Bug Hunter


Can you believe there's no blinkies for this? I can. No one knows about this artist. It's fine. No blinkies. For now.

The first song I ever heard by Bug Hunter, as is everyone's first Bug Hunter song, was Disco! In The Panic Room. Great song. Didn't really listen past that, for whatever reason.

Peak Album: The Rough Draft

And then, randomly, suddenly, The Narcissist Cookbook went on tour with Bug Hunter! And I just fucking had to see TNC live, I HAD to. I liked the one Bug Hunter song I'd heard, so sure, I'd go and see em both.

I was in TNC's discord, as was Bug of Bug Hunter, and we've interacted! Which is always cool. I thought Bug Hunter was one person, like TNC, but I was in fact wrong! It's three of em!

Peak Songs:
  • Pinecones
  • Deserve Me
  • Dear McCracken
  • Point to Prove (I Was an Ugly Kid)
  • 2 bed, 2 bath (and a ghost

Anyway, at that concert my brother identified Bug Hunter as being Ska, without trumpets. Though there is kazoo. I don't know shit about ska, but I get it. Kind of ska, kind of folksy, some of the songs are more jokey and some are less so.

Highly recommend. Super goofy. Got to hear an unreleased song. (updated note: That song has since been released! It was Shocking Plot Twist.) The bassist liked my hair.