Portal + Portal 2

Literally the perfect game(s)

Some blinkies I found, lol!

So my first actual memory of anything portal-related was my cousin showing me youtube videos of Potato GlaDos voice lines. Yknow, because they're hysterical. I couldn't buy it myself or anything by then, I was Tiny. And then it was probably the game theory video about companion cubes. And then I forgot about the series for YEARS. I saw the references, I just didn't catch that they were from portal. I got really into Garry's Mod when I was young, which is like, SO CLOSE, and I'm fairly sure had portal assets in it, I just forgot about it anyway.

And then I started fucking around with PC gaming and Steam more.

The moment I saw portal 1 and 2 on sale with eachother, I JUMPED ON THAT SHIT. Finished portal 1 that night. Took a few days to get through portal 2, mostly because I'm... not particularly good at games, or like, inteligent. To this day, portal 2 is my favorite game. It's the perfect game.

Here's my favorite part-the worst part, the most insane part... someone made a portal musical. It's portal 2, specifically, and it's fucking amazing. I probably only think that because I was a fan of musicals in the first place. All of the songs are parodies from other musicals, which I get a kick out of-again, already a fan of musicals. Anyway, if you want to watch that, you can watch it here:

Portal: The (Unauthorized) Musical - 2017 Production

It's chalk full of references, the Wheatley is absolutely brilliant, all of the cores are wonderful, the bits with Cave Johnson and Caroline are inspired. It's great. GlaDos is an icon and sings a parody of Poor Unfortunate Souls. Doug Rattman's there! Briefly, sure, but he's there!