The Narcissist Cookbook


Can you believe there's no blinkies for this? I can. No one knows about this artist. It's fine. No blinkies. For now.

My first introduction to TNC (as I will be referring to them from now on) was the song Courtney. My friend found it on spotify, loved it, and then tried to show it to a different friend on YouTube-and accdientally discovered that there was a longer version on YouTube, with a whole monologue in the middle of it. He then showed me both versions, and I was hooked.

Peak Album: MOTH

From there, it took me forever to actually get into him. How I did, though, was kind of bonkers. I was trying to research Ananke, old-ass greek goddess of fate. There's not a lot about her. Anyway, I come across this track by TNC about Ananke. It was just a long monologue about her, titled "I HAVENT WRITTEN THIS ONE YET BUT IM SURE I'LL THINK OF SOMETHING." And that felt like fate-partially because I kind of considered that friend a soulmate (not romantically-I have a wild belief in fate.). So, a track about the goddess of fate-who I kind of worshipped-by a random artist that he happened to show me. Wild.

Speaking of that, I got to see TNC and Bug Hunter live a few months ago. It was my second ever concert, and beyond expectations. I got to speak to TNC themself, AND give them a kinder egg since it was the day before easter. We said hi, they recognized my tattoo. Me and my brother got real close to the stage-I actually sat on it, since there was space to and I can't stand for super long. I got to make friends with someone else that sat on the stage with me due to chronic fatigue. Getting to see them live was amazing.

I also have a TNC tattoo-a moth flying away from the moon, wrapped around my arm. It's killer. Something about how the moth has to be so far away from the moon in order to function properly.

Anyway. God. Highly reccommend. I've talked to TNC on discord-they even sent me the lyrics to a new track when I said in chat that I couldn't make everything out because of my shit ass audio processing, they're very genuinely a cool person.

Peak tracks:

  • Courtney
  • Broken People
  • The Good Ship You
  • Functional Poetry