Statement 3. 3/31/23

Statement begins.

Ahhhh!! I like seeing friends :).

I wasn't even that close to this dude, but I saw one of my friends more from last year/highschool because he showed up to a show I was also at (and was recording). It was rad! I wasn't sure if he was gonna be there! I kind of miss him, crazy enough, because we were never really that close.

I ran into an elementary school friend, too, but that was less impressive, he still lives here I still see him sometimes.

Anyway-goddamnit I think I'm hyperfixated on portal. Just. Portal!!! All I fucking want to talk about with people is portal and the portal musical. The musical has a MUSIC MAN parody in it!!! It's so fucking good!! god!!

I'm like, a week out from the concert, and a month from moving. Bonkers. God, I can't wait for either. I think maybe I'm more excited to hang out with people than I am for the concert itself, but oh well. But also, holy shit, meeting The Narcissist Cookbook IRL? Yes please!!! God I hope they play MOTH, I'd lose my absolute SHIT.

Anyway. Hyped. It's a new day and I'm drunk now.

Statement ends.