Welcome to the Romeo archives.

Um... What are you doing here?

This is basically just a diary. Oops! Made it The Magnus Archives themed! Right now you're at Rosie's Desk-yknow, like the secratary. It's weird that you're here! I have mental disorders, I gotta get my thoughts down somewhere other people could see them or I go crazy. Like reverse of the beholding. And I have memory problems (because of the mental disorders) so this is my way of trying to remember shit. I don't remember most of my childhood and middleschool. It's not great. Plus, a homie's gotta vent.

The next option there is Jon's Office, for more day-to-day shit. Not quite venting or anything, maybe even some positive stuff, just stuff I want to keep down. Slice of life. Whatever. Might have some of my more surface-level crises. Might have some poems. We'll just see.

After that is the Deep Archives, dedicated entirely to older memories. Yknow, the shit in the back. This has the potential to have triggering content, and warnings will me marked as needed. I forget and re-remember childhood shit a lot. And stuff that happened during my freshman year. Probably a repression thing. Anyway, while the other sections will be for in-the-moment writing and on the mind rants, along with just day-to-day content, this one is for memories. Stuff that happened like, a year+ ago, at LEAST.

Then there's The Fears. TMA has 12 fears. My plan here is to write out statements that I think apply to specific fears. I'll actually make an attempt to make those seem like statements-it's like a writing exercise. And traumadumping. All at once! I might include Jon-Like archivist notes, so it might get real fanfiction-y. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: My website, I do what I want.

Finally, Elias' Office. All the fucked up shit happens in Elias' office. That's for venting. The statements that stay hidden from the public. That really fucked up torture bad-memory-beholding-fear-thing Elias does to Martin. That. That entire section has a trigger warning-I'm not tagging individual entries, probably. All of it is a trigger warning. Read at YOUR risk. It's my website. I can put whatever I want on it. I want somewhere to vent. If you find this and you know me, literally just keep your mouth shut. Read it all you want, whatever, I'm genuinely fine with it, just don't come to me all concerned. You don't have to read the concerning content. That's on you. I'll survive.

Go wild!