Statement 5. 4/9/23

Statement begins.


Okay, so. For one. I made friends with the lady I ended up sitting next to. We ended up sitting right on the stage for The Narcissist Cookbook's set, since they didn't move from one spot and didn't tell us to move. She was awesome-needed to sit for ADA reasons. There was a break between acts, so I made sure she got a chair during that. Someone right behind me needed a chair too, so I just sat on the ground in front of her, and she was alright with that. Everyone was super polite.

I got to give Matt (the narcissist cookbook) a kinder egg! I said happy easter, and they went "is it easter???" and everyone got to be like, yeah I mean it's tomorrow. They opened it in front of me, and went "I thought y'all couldn't have these here?" so everyone in the room had to explain that our kinder eggs are different because Americans are stupid. They showed me the kinder egg toy. Thrilled.

Bug Hunter was fucking killer, I'm glad we got to see them live. They played a song that will be on their next album, I'm guessing the title will be something like "Not Like That" or "Nothing Like That." It was really cool. The bassist, Jesse, liked my hair!!!

Afterwards we bought merch, and got to meet+greet briefly. Matt complimented my fox tattoo, and then when I was like, "Hold on, the other tattoo is based on MOTH," they were like, "I think I've seen that!" So I introduced myself as Redd From The Discord, and they told me that they're not sure if they've met anyone else in the discord, but I was the first one to introduce myself. Absolutely killer. Holy shit.

I got a signed postcard, a keychain, a sticker, and a shirt. Only 52$, honestly beyond worth it. I almost got a tour shirt, but I settled for just the The Narcissist Cookbook shirt, the tour poster and keychain have the same art on em anyway.

Yesterday was just like, perfect? Everything was perfect. I got a bunch of compliments on my fox tattoo, hair and eyebrows. In a costume shop, I saw a pretty trans woman, so I got her attention to compliment her (pink, very pretty) hair and boots, and at the same time, someone was trying to get my attention to compliment my eyebrows. The cashier at in n out liked the brows! God!

I'm still manic, and so is my friends. We're vibing, though. I'm hanging out for a few days, just so I don't have to totally deal with moving out and everything yet. Only a few days, though.

Statement ends.