Statement begins.

Now, I don't actually remember this happening. There's a few main players here, dubbed B, C and D. B's mom remembers this and was talking to them about it. I don't remember, B doesn't, my mother doesn't-but B's mom does.

I grew up very close to B, C and D, mostly B because we were (at the time) the same gender. Both AFAB. C and D were and always will be boys, and they were brothers. C one year older than me, D one year younger than me. That's just some context so I can put it all together again later.

Apparently, we all would have been single digits for this-meaning I would have been, at oldest, 7, because B would have been, at oldest, 9. I have no way of knowing if that's actually how old we were, but that's where I'm placing us, personally.

C and D got on top of, and tried to rape B.

According to B's mom, they got on top of them and tried to-and I believe almost succeeded to-take their clothes off. We were all aware of sex and rape and such by that age, I know that for a fact-different story. It was kind of a joke that C would end up a rapist-yeah, I know, not much of a joke. It was just something our parents kind of joked about. My mom remembers that, I also vaguely remember that. And C did kind of antagonize B, mostly with shit like indian burns. So it's... believable, that there was intent.

And I was there, I like-saw it. Apparently I tried to get the two off of them, couldn't (of course, I was always the smallest) and had to go get help. One of the mom came and stopped them. We weren't really allowed around the two for a while-B wasn't, at least. Only for a while, though. I fell out of the group because of politics, mostly, but the other three still see eachother. Smoke together. I only still talk to B.

I just don't know how to process that.

Statement ends.